Sara Folch Interior Design takes each and any new project with the best interest. This is because it is a good way to showcase our expertise. We are not only one of the best interior designers in Barcelona, but we have to show it. That is why we take designing a concept and proposing to the client what he needs quite seriously.

It is not easy, as each and every one of our interior design customers have different needs. However, we always work looking towards the future. We know that our client is in need of. But, we have to check the future to see how the client will be involved with that interior design project in some years.

The main reason we at Sara Folch Interior Design check everything is that the needs of the client are what comes first. Of course, we take care of beauty and creating a great atmosphere, either it is a house refurbishment or even a restaurant interior design project. Despite all the situations, usefulness has to be the first thing we have to solve.

At Sara Folch Interior Design we have been working for more than 25 years now. We currently host quite a lot of interior design projects ideas on our portfolio but we are looking to make it bigger. If you believe we can design your project, contact us anytime.