The new year has arrived and now it is time to get back to work. This time with a new interior design project here in Barcelona. The idea is to refurbish an apartment into one of the best places the client has been.

The main idea is to change the atmosphere of the previous interior design concept. This way, Sara Folch will improve the area and make it lighter. The proposal will allow natural light to come into the flat designed by the team.

With that in mind, Sara Folch has also been trying to give a different essence to each room and area. The main reason is that every client needs its own design. But each room and each person of the family also needs their own style. The main objective of this new interior design project is to make it personal and great for the client.

Sara Folch Interior Design is based in Barcelona and has been working on interior design projects all over the world. You can check some examples at the portfolio of the website. However, you can also contact the team to explain in much more detail your proposal for the refurbishment of your house.