The studio of Sara Folch Interior Design Barcelona has opened a new office in the American country. After opening an interior design studio in Colombia, the company based in Barcelona, Spain; has partnered to be present in the country of Mexico. The new office will come under the name of Sara Folch Interior Design Mexico, keeping the same global organization the company has right now.

Sara Folch Interior Design Mexico will be the name of the new studio in the Central-America country where it will open the opportunity to new businesses and partnerships. Opening a new studio in the heart of Mexico will improve the global expansion of Sara Folch Interior Design, which it started on the same continent but in the city of Bogotá in Colombia; where it has been working in different interior design projects, including urban building constructions and the exterior design of Flormorado’s Shopping Center, a Bogota mall. 

With the knowledge of working overseas in Colombia, Sara Folch Interior Design will keep the main interior design activity in the headquarters of the company based in the city of Barcelona. Then, the interior design project will be supervised close by between the team of Sara Folch Interior Design México before the final delivery to the client. 

Sara Folch Interior Design Mexico is the new studio in America

To hire an interior design in Mexico it will be much easier now that Sara Folch Interior Design has opened a studio in the country. Designing the interior of a house, but also working on the hotel interior design industry combined with the restaurants interior design sector. The opportunity arises after Sara Folch Interior Design Barcelona has worked around different areas like designing the DIR Up and Down and DIR Yoga One in the city of Barcelona.  

The team of Sara Folch has also been designing loft concept interior design projects for their clients combined with different Ibiza home design proposals. All these designing projects are not only for clients but also for helping in good causes like the design of the AECC Marbella gala which was celebrated during August 2018 or the Sandra Sanjuan initiative called Starlite Gala where Sara Folch Interior Design Barcelona also collaborated with. 

To hire Sara Folch Interior Design Mexico or any other interior design branches of the company you can get in touch with the team at the contact section of the webpage.