Interior Design

meets Technology

Otium Poker Room

Otium connects technology, artisanship, working from home, enjoying a meal, chatting with friends, and even a secret poker table. Otium is one of the most exclusive Sara Folch furniture designs, as it combines the latest technology with engines that make a table different tables. A large 65″ touchscreen lets people play with the system or even work, but when it is lunchtime, just asking a voice assistant to set the table, the engines will spin the screen and lower it, making it a table to enjoy a meal.

This prototype, part of the home automation features of Sara Folch Design, also included a poker table, making it kids-secure as the system hides the poker area, which needs a code to unveil, but also an adult-fun area. Each space has different needs, and each need has its own space. Technology proves that we can adapt to the needs of each situation even though the space is limited. Sara Folch presented the project in Madrid in 2022.