La Corte de los Milagros | Casa Decor 2020

In-House Luxury Hair Salon designed for JUNG at the Casa Decor 2020 in Madrid exhibition using the latest technology to create an intimate but luxury space

Sara Folch Interior Design has worked on an exclusive design for the German switches and systems maker, JUNG, for their space in Casa Decor’s 2020 edition in Madrid, Spain. The luxury in-house luxury hair salon has been designed for a temporary design exhibition in the city centre.

In the centre of the interior design room, a large circular table delimits the beauty areas in space no. 40 of CASA DECOR. The table, designed by Sara Folch Interior Design, has a rotating drawer that automatically, and with JUNG’s home automation system, rotates to be able to select the favourite make-up for the occasion.

On the other side of the table in the middle of the luxury in-house hair salon, there is an automatic drawer that opens and closes with just a voice command to the virtual assistant installed in the space. The large hanging lamp is a jewel created to show the importance of the beauty area in different decoration projects. On the walls, two shelves, also automated, descend and show the different products of the German mechanism brand, as well as beauty products.

During the ephemeral event, there has been a Spanish hair dresser, Alberto Cerdán, with different celebrities like Sara Sálamo, Cristina Alarcón y Marta Larralde for a show experience of the space. The designer, Sara Folch, has also used different materials to showcase how metal and wood but also ceramics and technology combine together to form a great luxury space thanks to the hard work of all the designers in the team.

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