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meets Technology

Brava Kitchen

A kitchen in the open air, Mediterranean, without smoke, outside the home and, nevertheless, in it. From the talent of Sara Folch and the experience of Brava, the “diva” of kitchens, a new concept of culinary art is born for the most demanding of the general public.

TPC is the first kitchen manufacturer with a deserved reputation and Brava, its masterpiece. The Mediterranean inspires this space. Its warm climate invites us to cook outdoors and the shades of the vegetables from the garden paint the fabrics: velvet in winter, yarn forsummers. Olive green, pistachio green, raw and mauves.

Sophistication in the suspended sofas as a swing. A vine in aged steel and brass illuminates and clings us. Freshness in curtains, heat. Textures in coatings. Sand-colored brushed wood, elegance and modernity for a new gastronomic experience abroad and above all, technology integrated into the best of functionalities.