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Barcelona Hotel Arts restaurant

“Atlas had three daughters, the Hesperides: Egle, Eritia and Arethusa. The Garden of the Hesperides is the garden of Hera in the west, where a single tree or an entire grove gave golden apples that provided immortality. The apple trees were planted from the fruit-bearing branches that the goddess Gaea (mother Earth) had given Hera as a gift from her wedding to Zeus. The Hesperides were tasked with caring for the grove, but occasionally gathered the fruit for themselves. Not trusting them, Hera also left a hundred-headed dragon named Ladon in the garden as an added custodian.”

The ephemeral restaurant designed for the Hotel Arts is a luxury in the form of serene and exclusive interior design, where wild nature forms an interior landscape so unique that it conditions the style of the entire accommodation.” It was essential to use natural materials to create a calm and elegant environment”, highlights Sara Folch. The interiors coexist in symbiosis with their shades, such as blue and green, and the use of exotic colors, which echo the place and create a play of light that emanates from the lighting that comes from the ceiling next to the apples.

The inspiration for the color palette used was found in the shadows cast by the surrounding pine trees, when the sun goes down at noon. This motif also appears on thetables and in the color of the walls, which occasionally plays with the sinuosity of the gold.