Interior Design

meets Technology

Automated Dressing Room

Princess Scheherazade confessed to the sultan that in her dressing room she kept a thousand and one stories for a thousand and one nights. It would be enough to open it to display all your ingenuity and thus dress the luckiest days and the most beautiful nights. “A dressing room is like a woman’s body made up of secrets,” he said, “and no matter how much you want to penetrate it, the less they will be revealed. Only those who know how to deserve women can own their world.”

An original technological proposal that consists of an automated central cubicle, which can be left open or completely closed and accessed with a private code. Once unfolded, shelves and display cabinets wait to house the treasures and personal belongings of its tenants. Different gray tones and textures, with metallic ornaments define the space. In turn, Sara Folch Design incorporates softness, thanks to the light projected from the ceiling. Warmth, freshness, functionality and minimalism are the terms that best highlight this space.

The dressing room presented at Casa Decor2015 is a luxurious space, where all the details have been designed to create a unique room and where it responds to the needs of each one.