In Barcelona, Sara Folch Interior Design worked on a very special interior design project. The idea ended up being part in the catalog of Neolith by The Size. We are talking about a duplex refurbishment near the sea in the city of Spain.

The interior design concept united two different apartments in a building, on different floors. Sara Folch Interior Design created a unique and exclusive stair connecting these two different apartments. The masterpiece of the best interior design project on apartment design is this central stair.

Creating unique 90-degrees angles for each step, the stair was designed with Neolith, a really strong and beautiful material. With that in mind, it was then chosen as one of the interior design projects to be featured in the catalog of Neolith.

One of the Catalog of Neolith pages showing the work by Sara Folch Interior Design

The Catalog of Neolith pages showing the work by Sara Folch Interior Design

The masterpiece of interior design in apartment design here in Barcelona is now accessible to a larger audience. Currently, is featured on our website as L’Illa interior design project. However, you can also check it on the catalog of Neolith and around different spaces.

In case you are wondering how to get one of Sara Folch Interior Design projects around, you have to contact us. Then the team, will examine your interior design project request and everything will start working towards having your house refurbished or even your public space like a restaurant, hotel, gym