With the interest in art and different design proposals, Sara Folch Interior Design was one of the guests at the presentation of Sala Fundación Arco 2018. The sala had different pieces of art all related to the artistic Congress in Madrid during 2018.

Thanks to the participation and the initiative by Oliva Iluminación, the interior design Barcelona studio was one of the members to be around. During the event, the team of interior designers was able to check different new pieces of art. As you can see, some of them were pictures representing different world situations.

Sara Folch Interior Design at Sala Fundación Arco 2018 with Raquel Oliva

Raquel Oliva, from Oliva Iluminación with some friends and Sara Folch Interior Design at Sala Fundación Arco 2018

The event was also a way to open a new space to society. The presentation of the Sala Fundación Arco 2018 was one of the inspirations for Sara Folch. When she needs to get inspired for an interior design event, she looks back at some pictures from the collection. The work from worldwide artists inspires the designers’ team to create new projects.

To know more about the interior design projects designed by Sara Folch Interior Design, you can check our portfolio. However, if you are looking for a designer, we would recommend getting in touch with our team in Barcelona, México or Colombia.