Sara Folch Interior Design has been working on a new project in Saudi Arabia. The project will work on modern office design for a company employing around 100 people. The office is located in the center of the country and includes the latest European design proposals designed by Sara Folch Interior Design exclusive for this interior design project.

Including a unique and private space with a private bedroom, this design will allow people to work easily with their colleagues allowing a better workflow between workers. With multiple meeting rooms, this office design by Sara Folch Interior Design is not the only office design that the company has worked on for the last years. The design counts with different furniture elements as you can see on the featured image.

Using a green palette to align the different furniture in the office, Sara Folch has brought the green tones into Saudi Arabia. However, these colors are also mixed with grey tones on the main working chairs but also with some sofas in the resting areas.

The interior design Barcelona studio has plenty of experience in building designing after working for Tenea Barcelona’s Headquarters but also for the offices based in Spain’s capital, Madrid. However, if you want to learn more about Sara Folch Interior Design projects, you can always get in touch with our team.