The German manufacturer JUNG, for switches and systems, and Sara Folch Interior Design have received the award on Technology Innovation at this year’s Marbella Design 2020 fair, held from the 24th of September until the 3rd of October. The German company trusted Sara Folch’s designing team to create “La Corte de los Milagros” a project publicly presented at CasaDecor 2020, held in Madrid.

However, the new smart home hair and beauty salon designed by the company of interior design based in Barcelona was a success that JUNG decided to showcase it in other fairs around Spain. Marbella Design 2020 was the first stop of a multifunctional smart beauty area using JUNG’s KNX standard.

This room features the main table divided into three different levels and finishes that represent the three different activities that can be held in La Corte de los Milagros. The first area is focused on hairdressing with its own wash unit and a shelf that automatically goes up and down with just the voice command of, in this case, Alexa. The other area is the makeup space, where a circular drawer turns automatically thanks to an engine and the new technology of JUNG implemented by Sara Folch Interior Design in this awarded technology innovation space.

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