Sara Folch Interior Design has been around for more than 25 years. During this time, the interior design Barcelona studio has designed hundreds of projects making Sara Folch one of the most renowned interior designers in Barcelona. The team at the Barcelona architecture studio has also been recognized by previous and present customers. These clients have been satisfied with the interior design projects designed by Sara Folch Interior Design. 

Each interior design project is unique to its customer as the interior design Barcelona studio works following the clients’ needs. From apartment design to urban building designing. The team at Sara Folch Interior Design has designed to the necessity of each client from a fresh perspective. Each project is a new opportunity to innovate, combine and create unique and personalized spaces considering each detail. All clients are different as well as every order that comes within.

Adapting to each client has allowed Sara Folch Interior Design Barcelona to execute and complete successfully a variety of projects. From the design of a luxurious restaurant for Hotel Arts in Barcelona or the expansion and refurbishing of an old 1,000 m2 chalet to a modern mansion in the heart of Paris and the construction of a business complex of more than 15,000 m2.

Among these interior design projects, this interior design Barcelona studio has also designed the DIR UP & Down or DIR Yoga One, interior design in Marbella during Sandra García-Sanjuán’s Starlite 2018 Gala, as well as, collaborating with La Suite Subastas.

Sara Folch Interior Design has a large team of collaborators enables the interior design Barcelona studio to offer complete services covering all project phases. The interior design project phases frequently are designing the concept, executing the idea and delivering the interior design project. The Barcelona architect and interior design studio from Sara Folch is a possibility thanks to the hundreds of collaborators the company has. Artists, technicians, engineers, and architects, are some of the main collaborators at Sara Folch Interior Design.

To get to know the previous designs from Sara Folch Interior Design, the interior design projects is the page to go. Furthermore, the contact page will allow to get in touch with the team at the interior design Barcelona studio and also at Colombia’s and México’s interior design studios.