A new interior design event has grown in Spain. The Interhotel 2018 edition celebrated in Madrid is the opportunity to showcase all those hotel interior design projects around. Sara Folch, however, didn’t present a hotel concept but a stand for Drapilux and Mühldorfer.

This is the first time, the interior design Barcelona studio led by Sara Folch was at the Interhotel exposition. However, the team already has experience working for events interior design and proposing different concepts for expositions stands. You can check the previous work by Sara Folch in Frankfurt for Grupo Novolux or even the Flint Stand in Barcelona for Hostelco.

The team of interior designers has been hard working to achieve perfection for the Drapilux and Mühldorfer interior design luxury brand. Allowing clients to check their products, Sara Folch proposed a revolutionary way of showcasing the products during the exhibition in Madrid.

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