The interior designer in Madrid, Manuel Espejo, has invited the team of Sara Folch Interior Design to one of his events. The friend of the studio of designers in Barcelona welcomed the team in his dinner with the brand Jacob Delafon.

The dinner also had the collaboration of Revista de Interiores, also known as Interiores Magazine here in Spain. The team of interior designers assisting the event of Manuel Espejo was welcomed in Hotel Santo Mauro in the city of Madrid.

Sara Folch assisted as the friend of the decorator in the capital city of Spain. The event allowed the company to showcase some of the interior design projects that the team has been working on for some time recently.

Dinner by Manuel Espejo and Jacob Delafon with Revista Interiores

The works that were presented were also some house refurbishments and apartments designs in Barcelona. Sara Folch Interior Design also explained about the new interior design job opportunities being around in places like Colombia or México. We have to point out that the interior design Barcelona studio has also an office in Colombia and is planning to open one in México in the near future.

Dinner by Manuel Espejo and Jacob Delafon with Revista Interiores

In case you are looking for one of our former interior design projects you can check our website. Of course, you can contact us in case you need any help or you are looking for a house refurbishment or even an event interior designer.