Sara Folch Interior Design is one of the interior designers participating in the Cooking the Design campaign. The campaign is organized by Roche Bobois, the French brand with the collaboration of Revista Interiores. The team at the interior design Barcelona studio has been selected for the window display design in two furniture stores. The first retail interior design will be in Spain and later on, in a shop around the globe.

The idea is to create a new window display design for a store in Spain and one overseas. Currently, the interior designer company has been working on the Roche Bobois store in Bilbao. Later, once the final window display is finished it will be time to focus on the world interior design project. As one of the requisites, Sara Folch Interior Design had to use at least three specific interior design furniture proposals. A sofa, a center table and finally a piece of library furniture.

This is not the first retail interior design project by the team in Barcelona, México, and Colombia. You can see different former interior design projects by Sara Folch and her team on the portfolio. However, if you are looking for the best interior design, you can get in touch with us and we will start your refurbishment project, boat interior design, apartment design or looking towards interior design Marbella styles, among other designing proposals.