By understanding the needs of the clients
you can get a glimpse at the personality and the essence of the space.

Sara Folch's Interior Design Studio has a large team of associates that allows her to introduce multidisciplinary review and to offer complete service covering all project phases, from conceiving the concept to execution and delivery it. Thechnicians, architects, engineers, designers and craftsmen bring excellence in creation, under the direction of the Sara Folch's Studio, a unique and spectacular space.

More than twenty years of experience and hundreds projects follow the great career of Sara Folch, one of the most famous and renowned interior designer of Barcelona -Spain.

Sara Folch's jobs are sources of feelings and adapt to customer's needs from a fresh perspective. Each project is a new opportunity to innovate, combine and create unique and personal-filled spaces where every detail is taken care.

Each client is unique and every order too.

We expand our services to clients from all over the world.